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Real Witches Do Not and Do

what is wicca
Wiccan Belief
Witches power
Do's and Don'ts
special days.

The Do's and Dont's

Real Witches Do Not
---hurt people physically, mentally, spiritually, or magickally.
---take illegal drugs.
---fly in the sky on brooms.
---eat babies
---kill animals (or anything else for that matter).
---tell fibs or big whopper lies.
---call themselves warlocks.  The word warlock means "truth twister."
---drink or use blood in any way from animals, themselves, or any person (alive or dead).
---change their hair color in the blink of an eye.
---steal or take part in any type of criminal behavior.
---pervert the symbols of any other religion, such as the cross or the star of David, or desecrate graves or statues of saints.
---summon demons.
---worship the christian Devil
---believe in the Christian Hell.
---coerce or brainwash people to join us
---use Satanic symbols.
---have to go through an initiation ceremony to practice the religion of WitchCraft
---become Witches overnight.
---attack people
---blab to everyone that they are Witches.
---always work magick
---gossip, tell lies, or hurt anyone's feelings on purpose.
--- charge money to work magick or to pray for people
---use their magick or other skills to show off.
---cast love spells to entice another person, break two people up just so the Witch can go out with them, or in any way seek to interfere with another person's free will.
---abuse animals.

Real Witches Do
---believe in God as a universal force of positive energy.
---honor all positive religious paths.
---believe that we are all with Spirit.
---believe in prayer.
---follow certain laws.
---believe in Karma
---realize that to make the planet a good place to live, we have to live in harmony with others, and to do this, we work with positive energy.
---believe that there are three parts to a person: The physical, the mental'and the spiritual.
---use common sense.
---know that thoughts are things.
---know that power grows in direct proportion to wisdom.
---know that the art of magick is our greatest gift.
---work alone, or with others, in a magick circle.
---believe in reincarnation.
---believe that there is no one right way to worship divinity.

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