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Where Witches get their Power

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Take a look at a Witches Hat, look at it straight on, you see three sides. It lookes like a triangle and it represents what we call the  CONE OF POWER WitchCraft encompasses three angles or sides of belief: Love, Positive Creativity, and Spirit.
The first side of the hat is Love.
Love conqures all things, open doors, soothes the soul, and makes us all one.
The second side is Positive Creativity.
The purpose of being human falls under the art of creation, weither you make jewelry, invest your time in the sicence of numbers, write poetry ect.
We can creat good things, or we can create negative things. This is the gift of free will.
The third side of the hat is Spirit.
This is the belief in divinity, the knowing that God, in whatever form, exists and the understanding that God is within us and around us, willing to help us if we only ask. Witches see God as both masculine and feminine, so often we call God the Lord and the Lady. sometime we say Spirit. We realize that Allah, Jesus, and Buddha are all faces of the masculine side of god.; however, we also give equal importance to the feminine side of God. We call this side of God the Lady. In the Christian religion, the female part of God manifests through Mary, but Mary dosen't have equal status with God. Usually, the Christians see God as only Maculine. We feel that the masculine and feminine sides of God are extremely important. No religion is wrong in the way they see God. There are only differences in ideology and theology. The Lord and the Lady (or Spirit) is the third side of our Witch's hat.

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